Lower and Upper Elementary Programs

From age six to twelve, the child is ready to expand his field of action and interest from that of the preschool aged child. Supported by the knowledge and experience he has gained from his exploration of the world up to age six, the child is now ready to explore the universe with his imagination and intellect. Guided by his curiosity he is ready to research any and everything that captures his interest. The prepared environment of the classroom provides the keys for that exploration. The child is presented with information in a structured sequence designed to lead to discovery and understanding. The child becomes engaged in researching, classifying, ordering and integrating all subject areas: history, geography, geometry, language, mathematics, earth science, botany and zoology. Small group lessons and individual follow up activities allow the child to research and explore on his own.

MSY offers a Lower Elementary program (1st through 3rd grades) and an Upper Elementary program (4th through 6th grades). The elementary classrooms at MSY offers a unique experience for your First through Sixth grader by providing:

    • a multi-aged, child-centered, responsive learning environment
    • low student-to-teacher ratio that ensures individual attention for each student
    • student ownership of education that emphasizes essential life skills such as responsibility, accountability and time management
    • freedom of movement and choice within the structure of the class allowing the brain to function optimally
    • a community of learners, friends, and guides
    • a respectful atmosphere that welcomes each child’s gifts and learning style
    • awareness of the needs of others within the school, the local community and across the globe
    • awareness of and access to community resources such as the Yakima Valley Library system, riding the Yakima city bus, participating in the Central Washington State Fair, and attending local events at the Capitol Theatre, the Yakima Valley Museum and the Larson Gallery
    • community-based self-regulation of behavior in a non-judgmental, cooperative environment


Elementary Curriculum PDF



Extra-curricular activities including downhill skiing, karate, yoga, Spanish and art are available for a separate fee.