Early Childhood

Preschool & Kindergarten Program

Montessori School of Yakima is a Washington State Licensed Child Care facility. All teachers and assistants have the necessary state-mandated training and complete yearly professional development courses. Our license applies to all of our Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms, Early Morning Care, and After School Care.

We follow a 3 year curriculum for preschool through kindergarten. Children are taught individually, at their own speed and level in the core areas.  Lessons are given to each child as they develop new skills, and build upon previous lessons.  It is essential for students to complete 3 years of the curriculum to ensure mastery of concepts and to gain skills for future learning.

Core areas include:

  • math
  • sensorial development
  • practical life skills
  • geometry
  • zoology
  • art
  • geography
  • language

The sequence of materials is one of the classic aspects of Montessori education. Lessons proceed from very concrete and hands-on to more abstract and complex ideas. Montessori teachers encourage exploration and growth of each child academically, emotionally and socially, through individual and group activities.
Children have recess in the morning and afternoon, to promote physical activity, cooperative play, and social skills. The result is a total approach that follows the child through stages of development.
Four our Kindergarten students, we offer Mileage Club, Writer’s Workshop, organized Physical Education, and field trips during the afternoon to complement the curriculum.