An Environment of Beauty and Safety

By providing a safe environment that appeals to the esthetic sense of children and encourages them to explore, the school seeks to develop a love of learning and exploration in all its students. The directresses and assistants track the child’s development and guide them in their exploration of their environment. The child learns to hone their motor skills through manipulation of materials appropriate to their level of development.


A Guide, Not A Teacher

Montessori directresses are not in the classroom to ‘instruct’ students in the traditional sense. They guide the child in choosing learning materials that are both appealing and challenging to the child, based upon their abilities, interests, and previously mastered lessons. Once a child has received a lesson on any material, they are free to choose it as often as they like – each time gaining more skill and insight – until they have “mastered” the work and become disinterested. This cycle is similar to how a child chooses the same bedtime stories over and over again, memorizing each page, yet still enjoying the whole story.